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Executive coaching with metrics for tech entrepreneurs and product leaders.

Hey, I'm Alex Ivanov. I work with individuals to help them get unstuck, align with their inner compass, navigate periods of change, and find more joy in life.

I'm an ICF certified professional coach, Hogan Certified coach, and Designing Your Life certified coach.

Location: remote via video calls, Europe and US Timezones.

Can I help you? Drop me a line via email or telegram.
Trusted by Tech Leaders and CEOs
I had the privilege of serving entrepreneurs, leaders, and high potentials at amazing tech companies, helping them find their inner compass, shape their leadership style, and transform the culture of their high-performing teams.
How We Can Work Together
There are many ways I structure coaching and learning & development engagements with my clients — from simple but powerful assessments to full scale development programs
One-on-One Coaching
Powerful integral coaching for wayfinding, inner alignment, leadership boost and transformation
Cofounder Dynamics
Aligning co-founders and partners on how to turn differences into tools of differentiation and growth
Using group dynamics, appreciative inquiry and design thinking to put your team on the same page.
Development Programs
SALT is a Self-Leadership course that takes into account key modern ways of unlocking human growth
What We Do is Who We Are
Below are some reviews from my clients. Real names and photos are not mentioned, unless the client explicitly said they were ok with not being anonymous.
  • Alex helps you by guiding you through important questions, finding options that align with your values, and boosting your confidence in your success. In four sessions, we updated the Hogan test, identified your Big Goal along with a possible path to achieve it, and explored potential obstacles and opportunities.
    I., Director, Product Management
    Entertainment Tech Startup, Canada
  • Coaching with Alex allowed me to focus more on my and my co-founder's strengths, not on weaknesses. We also got to realize—and celebrate—our differences that allow us to complement each other.
    Dmitry Matskevich, CEO and Co-Founder (YC company), San Francisco Bay Area
  • Thanks to coaching with Alex, I was able to form new patterns of being at work. They led me to better results and significantly reduced my stress level.
    A., VP, Marketing
    Enternatinment Company, Eastern Europe
  • Coaching with Alex after the Hogan test helped me understand myself and my patterns. We analyzed the results and figured out how to apply them in the future, helping me choose the right career direction with confidence.
    U., Product Management Lead
    HealthTech Startup, San Francisco Bay Area
  • We had our coaching program during a transitional period of my life. It helped me to see my values and strengths, and make some very important work decisions that I'm still (years later) very happy with.
    A., CEO and Founder
    HealthTech Startup, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Coaching with Alex gave me freedom and flexibility, improved my intuition, and helped me understand how I influence people. I found new ways to stay motivated without burning out. The sessions were enriching and inspired my decisions, giving me more confidence to take new steps.
    V., Deputy COO
    TavelTech Company, Eastern Europe
  • Thanks to coaching with Alex, I figured out my values, understood my weaknesses, and made a plan for leadership development, including developing public speaking skills.
    A., Head of Product Design
    FinTech Startup, Easter Europe
  • Through coaching, I gained self-awareness, focused on communication and public speaking, expanded my understanding of the world, created a clear plan for two years, and achieved a raise and a better position.
    V., Product Desing Lead
    Productivity Startup, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Thanks to working with Alex, I learned to understand my psychometric report and how to use those traits for further development.
    M., CEO
    Marketing Tech Startup, Eastern Europe
  • Our coaching helped me break free from my cognitive biases and see my life in a new light. I became more fearless, learned to accept my world as it is, and made some important work-related achievements.
    M., Partner
    Investment Fund, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Coaching with Alex gave me an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, allowed me to accept my path and business style, and also reduced the gap between ideas and actions.
    V., Co-Founder and CEO
    Communications Startup, Cyprus
  • Alex creates a space where you can see yourself beyond your intellectual understanding of things. This leads to fearlessness and acceptance of your current world as it is.
    Y., CEO and Founder
    Productivity Startup, Eastern Europe
  • Coaching helped me learn more about myself, understand problems and weaknesses, get an interesting framework for decision-making, improve communication, and review some things.
    A., Program Manager
    MobilityTech Startup, SF Bay Area
  • Alex helped me understand and navigate a complex and ambiguous situation at work. As a result, I got a clear action plan. Thank you, Alex!
    A., Head of Design
    HRTech Startup, Eastern Europe
  • I advanced in working with boundaries and started "playing on my side." Thanks to the coaching process, I formulated and started seeking answers to several important questions that needed to be answered.
    A., Head of Design
    HRTech Startup, Eastern Europe
  • Alex was like a mirror to me, in which I finally saw a clear reflection of myself, and could figure out what matters to me. During our sessions, I had time to stop, reflect, and share my thoughts in a supportive environment. I felt understood, which wasn't always the case with other coaches.
    Y., Lead Analyst
    MobilityTech Startup, United Kingdom
Life-Long Learning
I'm curious about great ways of facilitating change, so I keep evolving with the tools, programs, and certifications that I find valuable.
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I coach in English and Russian.
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